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If you have a young child, especially a daughter, then in most probability you know about My Little Pony toy figures. Since Hasbro© introduced them in year 1981, these vinyl toys have become a staple of a lot of toy-boxes. You can buy them in a huge variety. Interestingly each character has its own unique name. The colourful manes and tails of these mares along with various adornments they come with make these toys every girl’s most adored collection.

Now if you give your child a chance to become a little pony herself or himself, the coming Halloween, there happiness will know no limits. Yes, we are talking about My Little Pony Costume. Though my little pony is a toy favourite with young children, you can buy My little Pony Halloween costumes for toddlers, young children (especially girls) and adults too. You are surely going to turn all the eyes when you dress yourself up in a colourful MLP (My Little Pony) costume.

Thank you for stopping by MyLittlePonyCostume.Com, where we fulfill your child’s dreams of becoming one of the My Little Pony characters.  My Little Pony has been a super popular cartoon series and line of toys for many, many years, and many children have learned valuable life lessons from playing with these fun ponies! Now they have a chance to channel their inner pony and dress like their favorite My Little Pony for the evening for an event, festival, or of course, for trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and masquerade balls.

My Little Pony was all about glitzy and glam and about being a girl!  It’s no shocker that girls want to channel their inner ponies with this fun costume idea.  You can find My Little Pony costumes for girls in an array of colors including pink and purple, as well as blue, yellow and green. Most of these costumes are basically a dress in the color of the pony, typically made of easy care polyester, that will slip on over the girl’s head and that attaches easily with a Velcro clasp at the back. This makes it easy to get even the wriggling little pony in your home into costume and out the door on trick-or-treat night.

Most of the My Little Pony costumes on the market feature a dress along with a faux fur colored top, and the dress usually has a satiny bow and an empire waist along with the My Little Pony Logo (which is a heart shape) and with a velour skirt that is embellished and emblazoned with glittery hearts, stars or other shapes.  The bottom is trimmed in ruffles as are the sleeves and the hm.  Most of these My Little Pony costumes also come with a pair of wings (after all, My Little Pony CAN fly), but if not, you can easily buy a pair of wings separately from nearly any costume store.  The final touch is the My Little Pony costume tail.

Some additions to think about for the My Little Pony costume if the weather is chilly: some frilly leg warmers in a shade that matches the costume and a reflective trick-or-treat candy haul bag so that your little pony will be easily seen on the street.  You might also buy leg warmers in a smaller size and use them for arm warmers, depending on the weather!

These costumes are available in many different styles and colours. For young girls, a typical MLP costume would include a jumpsuit available in many different colours (pink, blue-green etc) with a plush, satin bow at the waist, furry front, rainbow print at the hip, a detachable tail (usually made up of many different colours) and last but not the least, a headpiece along with a matching mane. Your child is going to adore his getup and would surely light up the Halloween party.

You can buy similar style for adults also, though it may be less colourful. And for a perfect look you may want to buy an additional wig (if it doesn’t come included in the costume itself).

And yes, don’t forget to click a picture of your child dressed as My Little Pony.

Accessorizing Your Costume

My Little Pony costume is a favorite of many youngsters and can be easily accessorized. Your young child might enjoy a colorful tail of pink, yellow or blue with a matching mane. Long manes can be attached to the child’s own hair and found in straight or curly variations. These are often available attached to a hat for easy use. You may further accessorize the look of your Little Pony with faux horse hair shoe covers and gloves that resemble the hair that often covers the hooves of certain breeds of horses. These can be chosen in the same color as your child’s My Little Pony costume or in coordinating shades.

Measuring for Your Costume

Giddy up and go as soon as your My Little Pony Costume arrives – by knowing in advance that it WILL fit! Nothing is more frustrating than buying a costume only to find that it is too big or too small. That’s why it makes a whole lot of sense to stop horsing around and take your measurements. Measure your waist, hips, chest and torso, height and weight, and the inseam of your pants. Take all of those numbers and compare them to the size chart for the costume that you want to buy. Nothing’s simpler. You can easily tell if the costume will fit and which size will fit best using this simple method.

Every little girl has dreamt of owning a pony at some time or the other. Why not give her a chance to dress up in a My Little Pony costume. These little wonders came about in the early 80s and are even today a part of every child’s toy collection. There are so many interesting characters that you can choose from. The costumes are available for toddlers and little girls. You could add on some colored hair, choose a body suit of pink or purple or even yellow or green. All of these can be easily put together and yet be comfortable. Your little girl will thoroughly appreciate what you are doing.

Dress up your Child in My Little Pony Costume This Halloween

Halloween is fun time for children. They get to wear children’s costumes portraying their favourite characters, and they get to visit every house in the neighbourhood with their costumes on for candies.

You can’t compromise with the perfection of costumes during Halloween, especially if it’s for the kids. There is a vast choice of costumes for children available. Your child may not be able to make up his or her mind looking at the teeming variety. Therefore, help them decide the perfect costume for your child.

In general, it is seen that kids love animals, and when it comes to My Little Pony toys, they are practically in love with them. Although, there are plenty of animal costumes to choose from, nothing can make them happier than dressing up as a My Little Pony.

Talking colourful horses & pretty little girls riding them are just what make up the notion of My Little Pony. In year 1981, Hasbro introduced My Little Pony to the world of children. They were specially meant for young girls who loved playing with horses and styling their hairs.

The Halloween costumes for My Little Pony usually include Unicorn, horse and Pegasus looks. My Little Pony look usually has 2 parts. There is a big unicorn or horse that child can carry or ride. The actual costume is usually a girl’s dress. This dress is more than often made of appliqué materials to give it a fairy type looks. You have a choice to buy either the costume alone or the 2 part costume that includes the pony as well as the costume to make it a perfect Halloween costume for your child.

Watch your child dress up his fantasy and become the center of attention at the Halloween party with My Little Pony look!

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